PBB-EVPN in Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) SR OS and Cisco IOS XR

Anton Karneliuk. IT & Network Expert / Architect / Manager; Project Manager; Entrepreneur; 2x CCIE (RS/SP) #49412; MSc Telecommunications.

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  1. Great article!

    I’m trying to setup EVPN between Nokia 7750 and Cisco ASR9000 routers in MPLS, but my efforts is not as successful as yours. When I enable EVPN for the BGP neighbor, the BGP peer between Nokia and Cisco goes down. I got the follow error message on Nokia: “Update Msg Err (Invalid Network Field)”.

    Do you know how to solve this?

      1. Thanks for you reply. TiMOS version is 14.0R4 and IOS XR version 5.1.0. The IOS XR version is bit old, so I’ll try to upgrade that one first.

        1. Hi Lars,
          Basically if you configure “family evpn” at Nokia SR OS side and “address-family l2vpn evpn” at Cisco it should work, so I can assume that there is a particular bug with interoperability. I’ve seen such problems with other technologies. Please, let me know, whether update fixes your problem.

  2. There seem to have been a bug in IOS-XR 5.1.0. Upgrading to 5.3.4 resolved the interoperability problem with Nokia 7750.

  3. Hello,
    Interesting your opinion, PBB-EVPN on IOS XR with MC-LAG work together?
    I received some results and now thinking. This is network design problem or bug in IOS XR. The scheme is couple PE reachable each other via route-reflector.

    1. Hi Alexandr,
      It should work, at least Cisco states so. Unfortunately I don’t have two boxes like ASR9000 or NCS 5000 to test it, but as far as I saw in Cisco Live presentation, it should be working.

      1. Hello,
        On IOS XR, PBB-EVPN requires “singleton” mode under redundancy iccp group configuration. Legacy MC-LAG requires statically configured member under redundancy iccp group. These settings are mutually exclusive. It is hard situation for migration from L2VPN to PBB-EVPN.

  4. Hi Anton,

    I have configured evpn-mpls in vpls service. Its working fine. When I enable spoke-sdp to make vpls and evpn-mpls to work simultaneously , spoke-sdp goes down, with route evpn conflict .
    How to make evpn and vpls to work together ?

    1. Hi Karthik,

      Could you provide more details for configuration or logs? If you use BGP for signaling, there is different AFI/SAFi for VPLS and EVPN. But there is something called EVI and associated with interface, so it might influence.


  5. Hi Anton!
    Really nice article! It has cleared a few confusions coming from martini and Kompella, (and i think it also also added lots of new questions the process 😛 ). A colleague and I have been overall debating the various ways of deploying L2 services on nokia closely following the MEF guidelines for Eline and ELan. We a now exploring purely bgp evpn and some questions arise when dealing with PtP offerings EPL and EVPL. I normally see spoke-sdp configurations which e are trying to stay away from just purely to not mix&match methods. I see you normally refer to EVPN as a way to solve Multipoint solutions, in your experience how does it behave with EPL and EVPL? In articular EVPL poses some questions as you would like to handle C-tags, Mac learning and presevation of CoS p-bits. I have been trying to dig for an official nokia guide showing the various MEF offerings based on the different methods, particularly EVPN and PBB-EVPN, but no luck!

    1. Hi Juan,
      Thanks for kind feedback! FOr sure you can use EVPN to address all L2VPN topics. My assumtion is that it wouldn’t be any difference on configuration. In the same way you can use VPLS to provide p2p services, it’s just the matter of used resources on the router.

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