SDN sandbox 6. NETCONF/YANG for Nokia SR OS and Cisco IOS XR. Part 1

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  1. I have a basic issue, when i run the command the ssh command with netconf, this is the output i get, It seems there are limited capabilities defined in my SR OS, is there a way to add more capabilities?





    1. Hi Nik,

      What do you mean by YANG Modelling Kit? If you refer to Nokia Yang modules, they were going to publish them as soon as they are fully ready, what was the point for SR OS 16.0.R1 release. To be honest, I haven’t seen them released but I hope it will happen in near future.


  2. Hello Anton,
    Could you help me with Nokia NETCONF, based on article
    I’m trying to send hello message (after successful connection and getting advertisement of capabilities) but seems like it stuck in console on the client side. All counters on the router (/show system netconf counters) a zeros and router doesn’t send any reply.




    // Nothing here


    1. Hi Maxim,
      The router doesn’t respond to hello, cause by nature it’s you (client), who is responding to hello from the router, which includes capabilities. It means, that after you have sent hello, you need to send already some messages with content (get or edit-config for instance).

  3. Hi Anton, I’m facing the issue that the NOKIA SR device is not advertising the network-instance-l2 as its capability since it is a sub-module. As a result the Opendaylight controller does not able to form the schema context resulting in import error for the corresponding sub-module. Do you have any idea on how to solve this issue. Thanks!

    1. Hello Vigesh,

      I haven’t tried to use ODL controller, but all Nokia supports it advertises in its capabilities. If some capabilities are missing, I’d recommend:
      1. Check how the configuration on Nokia in OpenConfig module looks like. If you can configure that in general, that is already good.
      2. Check on the ODL side, how it could configure the L2 part over the the general openconfig-network-instance module.


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