OpenConfig. Part 1. OpenConfig (w/o and w/ Ansible) for Arista EOS, Cisco IOS XR and Nokia SR OS

Anton Karneliuk. IT & Network Expert / Architect / Manager; Project Manager; Entrepreneur; 2x CCIE (RS/SP) #49412; MSc Telecommunications.

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  1. Another great article =)
    It’s a pity that OpenConfig models are very scanty. So you have to stick with native vendor models for now.
    I can’t even imagine how hard (and maybe impossible ) it would be to develop completely vendor agnostic models.

    1. Hi Kirill,

      Thanks! I’m pretty sure everything is possible, and I hope open networking could be enabler to this area. I think that technical part, i.e. translation or adaptation of YANG model is just the visible part of the iceberg.


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