Split tunneling in Cisco VPN and AnyConnect Client

Split tunneling
Anton Karneliuk. IT & Network Expert / Architect / Manager; Project Manager; Entrepreneur; 2x CCIE (RS/SP) #49412; MSc Telecommunications.

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  1. Hi Karneliuk :
    Why only one user connect to anyconnect Tunnel Mode different other people ,
    i connect to anyconnect mode is “Split Include” other people same too,
    i don’t know why only this user used windows 10 & anyconnect any version ,
    tunnel mode always “Tunnel All Traffic”,

  2. Please I will like to use the content on this blog to make a presentation tomorrow. This is in a bid to share knowledge with businesses going through this corona outbreak. WFH (Work From Home) means alot of RA VPN and your blog captures this idea.

  3. Hi Anton,

    Not sure when you will be in receipt of this message but I have already established my encrypted tunnel using Anyconnect with Split tunnel and with my interesting traffic. I’m curious about what to do, and what hardware you recommend on the client side to share subnets from the client side to the headend where the Cisco ASA resides? Does it necessarily mean another ASA?

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