BGP Labeled Unicast in Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) SR and Cisco IOS XR

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  1. Hi Anton,

    The final configuration for SR1 looks odd to me. In bgp group “ebgp_ulu” the export/import routing policy is same which is “RP_BGP_ULU”.

    In my opinion, the export routing policy should be “RP_BGP_AS65100_ULU_OUT”, what do you think ?

  2. Hi Mr. Anton

    I would like to ask, the different with the final configuration in this post and the post in “BGP between Nokia SR and Cisco iOS XR”. in the BGP post, in R3, the SAP is created as the logical port, while in this post you’re using “network-interface” and then attach the port into those interface.

    Could you explain the differences between these two configuration ?

    Best Regards

    1. Hello Fakhri,

      The difference is MPLS, because MPLS can’t run on SAP. In the same BGP isn’t so critical and it can run both over SAP and network-interface.
      Hope this helps.


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