MPLS / RSVP-TE in Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) SR OS and Cisco IOS XR

Anton Karneliuk. IT & Network Expert / Architect / Manager; Project Manager; Entrepreneur; 2x CCIE (RS/SP) #49412; MSc Telecommunications.

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  1. Hi Anton,
    Appreciated for your every great article. Some minor questions
    1.Does NOKIA support RSVP-TE by default, instead of LDP?
    2.Does MPLS TE= RSVP-TE now? may be SR-TE future?
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi, thank you for the great write-up.
    lots of things to learn and try out.
    I just had 1 questions – do we still have to enable “ldp” when using rsvp? (sdp with lsp bind).

  3. hi Anton.
    How do you route through the LSP nokia tunnels, can you point a static route to that tunnel or like autoroute in cisco

    1. Hello Gabriel,

      it depends on which traffic do you want to route. If that is any service traffic, then within the configuration of the service you have something called “auto-bind”, which dictates which LSP to use. You could choose the SR-TE or RSVP.

      If you are willing to map to a specific LSP, then you need to use the concept of the admin-tags and tag policies, which would map the routes towards the LSPs.

      Hope that helps.


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