MPLS Service to transport mapping in Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) SR OS and Cisco IOS XR

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  1. Just a quick heads-up on a show command to see the local label vs outgoing label mapping on a SROS device.

    A:sros4# tools dump router segment-routing tunnel
    Legend: (B) – Backup Next-hop for Fast Re-Route
    (D) – Duplicate
    Prefix |
    Sid-Type Fwd-Type In-Label Prot-Inst |
    Next Hop(s) Out-Label(s) Interface/Tunnel-ID |
    Adjacency Transit 262139 ISIS-0 3 ovs-r4-r8
    Adjacency Transit 262140 ISIS-0 3 ovs-r4-r7
    Adjacency Transit 262141 ISIS-0 3 ovs-r4-r6
    Adjacency Transit 262142 ISIS-0 3 ovs-r4-r5
    Adjacency Transit 262143 ISIS-0 3 ovs-r2-r4
    Node Orig/Transit 500001 ISIS-0 500001 ovs-r2-r4
    Node Orig/Transit 500002 ISIS-0 500002 ovs-r2-r4
    Node Orig/Transit 500003 ISIS-0 500003 ovs-r2-r4
    Node Terminating 500004 ISIS-0
    Node Orig/Transit 500005 ISIS-0 500005 ovs-r4-r5
    Node Orig/Transit 500006 ISIS-0 500006 ovs-r4-r6
    Node Orig/Transit 500007 ISIS-0 500007 ovs-r4-r7
    No. of Entries: 12

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