MVPN for IPv4/IPv6 in Nokia SR OS and Cisco IOS XR. Part 1 – GRE transport

Anton Karneliuk. IT & Network Expert / Architect / Manager; Project Manager; Entrepreneur; 2x CCIE (RS/SP) #49412; MSc Telecommunications.

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  1. howdy Anton, a quick question – why did you specifically set DR priority higher on the PEs? as in:
    router pim
    vrf CUST
    address-family ipv4
    interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0/0.134
    dr-priority 100

    1. Hello Jonas,

      Nice to hear from you, sir.

      We do that in order to to have predictable results, as Nokia and Cisco have (had at that time) different default DR values. Setting them explicitly allows you have a clear picture, which will become a DR.


      1. ok, makes sense, but not the answer I was hoping to hear as I have had to learn the hard way that a PE under IOS XR won’t forward a PIM-Join towards the RP if it were to come from a DR other than the PE itself, say a CE device. The PE in MVPN has to be a DR as well, else your multicast will be in shambles. In your demo there’s no way to test it as you terminated the tree on the PE itself.

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